“Ange, a teen mother I mentored, had been a runaway at one time. A school dropout became the most motivated student after having her beautiful little girl. She lived with her parents, taking full responsibility for the care of her child.  She began to be focused on her future and even raised the bar for the baby’s father if he wanted to remain in his baby’s life. I always wondered how her life would be different if she opted for an abortion instead.”

“She is like a little sponge. We talked about charting her life focused on her daughter and remaining chaste until one day God might bring her a young man who will love them both in the context of marriage. She soaked it up. I know with God’s grace she can live up to this ideal.”

“When the mother in need caught sight of me at a distance when we were meeting for the first time, she burst into tears. I knew I represented to her the loving concern of Our Lord and that she would not be carrying her cross alone. At that moment, I felt I could do this forever. If people only knew what a joy it is to be a part of changing lives.”

“I texted Laura last night to ask her how school was coming along. I also told her I loved her and that she was special to me. Her response was, ‘I love you too. Since I met you, my life turned around.’ That sure made my day. What seems effortless to us who care for these moms makes such a difference to them.”