What is an Angel volunteer?

We welcome individuals with the desire to help expectant mothers in a loving and non-judgmental way, without prejudices and with the loving word of Christ. With your talent and understanding, you will provide friendship and companionship to an expectant mother that may be confused, afraid, or alone. Many mothers need support to go through their pregnancy. Just knowing that someone is there to help is a great comfort. Working with pregnant mothers is a special calling and a profoundly spiritual ministry. The Gabriel Project calls their volunteers, “angels” furthering the spirituality this ministry offers oneself. There is a challenge of sometimes having to mentor a young woman who might come from a different culture, different faith, or another generation and the reward is when a mother knows her Angel genuinely loves her, she begins to blossom like a little flower. Her newfound hope moves her to find solutions to some of her problems because she knows someone is walking by her side.  Her pregnancy no longer seems overwhelming and she can see her way through to the future without seeing her baby as a burden.

All volunteers receive an orientation training, and their fingerprints are submitted to authorities for security clearance prior to working directly with those in need of The Gabriel Project’s services.

What is an Angel Assistant?

An Angel Assistant helps on a more limited basis and might help several moms with a particular need, such as preparing a meal for the family after a mom comes home from the hospital after delivering the baby. If a mom needs daily transportation for a limited time, this need can be handled with several Angel Assistants coordinated by one Angel. For instance, several Angel Assistants can each select a day of the week and each volunteer either take a mom to or from her destination. Some Angel Assistants enjoy offering companionship by taking a mom to lunch at a restaurant or they may welcome her to lunch in their home. Some Angel Assistants contribute their talents by knitting blankets and others may babysit or help a mom with shopping. Whatever they do, all Angel Assistants working to help moms in need, act as the Body of Christ and bring love and hope to moms through their acts of kind­ness.